We set up and install the MAW plants that treat contaminated water in more than 25 stages, dispensing mineral rich water for safe consumption by public. We undertake waste water management using innovative and advanced methods to enhance the reusability of the water for various purposes and ensure it is non-hazardous in nature for the environment and consumption. We also encourage education on water conservation, rain water harvesting and waste water management through panchayat meetings, drama & plays, social gatherings and IEC activities. We believe that pure drinking water should not be a luxury affordable to a few as it is an elixir of life and a basic need for living being. It is a natural resource that should be the right of every human being irrespective of status and region. We strive for the following:
  • Eradication of water borne diseases and deaths
  • Provide the finest drinking water to people
  • Create water hazard and disease free state

Eka Jal offers social benefits to fight the water crisis with its treatment plants:

  • Improved life expectancy
  • Safe and hygienic drinking water channel
  • Employment generation
  • Citizens benefit with premium quality water
  • Reduction in medical expenses
  • Economic development
  • Every rupee invested in clean water yields 4-12 rupee of economic return as stated in the OCED study.