Eka Jal is a not for profit organization which endeavours to empower the people of India with health and wellness through nature’s bounty, they deserve; the right to consume fresh & contamination free alkaline, vitamin and mineral drinking water.

Since 2017, the organization has been working relentlessly with a single-minded focus, to provide the finest drinking water in the world to society at no cost. We at Eka Jal, realise the paramount necessity of the availability of potable drinking wa-ter to all citizens of our country. It is our prime intent to ensure that the water consumed is not just potable but of the highest standard & quality.

Our key objective is to establish vitamin, mineral & alkaline water dispensing units that refine raw water into unadulterated, mineral rich water. This can be made possible by the process of installation and maintenance of the water dispensing units. The raw water in these units go through more than 25 stages of treatment, where the unit eliminates and neutralise 80 kinds of impurities, and then re-mineralising the water with calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, bicarbonates, silver, vitamin B-12 and more. It further boosts the PH levels in the water to make it alkaline and with the electrolysis process it increases the content of hydrogen in the treated water. The result is pure, fine quality drinking water.

In Jaipur, Rajasthan Eka Jal is installing 200 units to provide more than 4 million people with quality drinking water totally free of cost. That makes it the first city in the world to provide vitamin, mineral and alkaline water totally free of charge to the public. Further more, Eka Jal is also in the process to provide wi-fi services around the establishments for zero charge.

With respect to hygiene concerns, Eka Jal is also providing sanitary pads dispensing provision at the units located close to Sulabh complex, schools & colleges, hospitals and other areas.

This social project aspires to serve the community by not just providing superiorquality drinking water but also create jobs & increase the economic hours of the people by restraining the water borne diseases, thereby creating better health and contributing to the prosperity of the nation.