Our Vision & Mission

Eka Jal endeavours to empower the people of India with health and wellness through nature’s bounty, they deserve; the right to consume fresh contamination free water. We believe that pure drinking water should not be a luxury affordable to just a few but a natural resource that should be the right of every person irrespective of financial status and region. We strive towards eradication of water borne diseases and deaths and provide the finest drinking water to people thereby creating water hazard and disease free states.

What We Do?

This is a social project initiated by Eka Jal which aspires to serve the community by not just providing quality drinking water but also create jobs and curtail water borne diseases for better health and prosperity of the nation. We install the MAW plants to treat contaminated water for public consumption, undertake waste water management to enhance the reusability of water for various purposes and also encourage education on water conservation through various activities.